Colored Diamonds

Michael Haddad explains how to take a traditional white colored diamond and change the color of the diamond through a radiation process. The radiation process is used for color enhancement which is a permanent process that make your traditional looking diamond a colored diamond. This can be done for loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings and any other diamond you can think of. One of the benefits of the radiation process to change the color of diamonds is that it is very inexpensive when you compare it to purchasing any kind of natural colored diamonds. Some of the different colors that can be created through this process are:

  • yellow diamonds
  • pink diamonds
  • purple diamonds
  • black diamonds
  • green diamonds
  • blue diamonds
  • canary diamonds

The colors come in many different shades as well. These diamonds will give the appearance as if they are natural colored diamonds. Colored diamond engagement rings, certified colored diamonds, colored diamond earrings and colored loose diamonds are all popular items. For more information about the diamond radiation process to make your traditional looking diamond a colored diamond, stop buy our diamond and jewelry store in St. Louis, MO or give us a call today!