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Searching for a unique gift of silver jewelry in St. Louis...The Diamond Family has something for everyone. Continue your search here by browsing our silver collections from around the world. From the most intricate detailed designs, to the most bold and classic trends, search the designer sites below to end your search for the perfect gift.

You will find hundreds of designer engagement rings in St. Louis at The Diamond Family. Since 1978 we have carried only the finest quality inventory our industry has to offer. If we sell it, it better look incredible and be extremely well made, we also offer a lifetime warranty that follows every item, so if it does not meet the highest criteria you simply will not find it our showroom. Browse unique designer rings in St. Louis by Sylvie Collection, Leo Ingwer, Diadori, Venetti, Roman & Jules, MJ Wilman, Valina, Gabriel & Co, Precision, S Kashi & Sons, Tycoon, Crown Ring, Benchmark, and many more. Designer engagement rings offer something elite for your special someone, with exclusive designs and limited availability, the highest level of craftsmanship and dedication to perfection, you will make her feel extra special when you get down on one knee. If you want to go the extra mile, just like the designers that create them, a designer ring from The Diamond Family may be the best option for you.

Marrying the newest technology with old world artisanship, Adami & Martucci designs have discovered a new path and direction in the industry. Designed by Italian designer, Alberto Luzzi, each individual piece is a result of innovation, evolution and discovery.

Based in Rome, Adami & Martucci is world-renowned for their innovation in mesh jewelry. The jewelry encompasses different collections of unconventional luxury that blends new ideas with unmistakable Italian flavor.


The name, DIZEO, comes from the Spanish root word “deseo” or desire. True to its intent, Dizeo fulfills every woman’s deepest desire to own a piece of jewelry with truly unparalleled craftsmanship and mesmerizing brilliance.

Our sterling silver jewelry is hand set by craftsmen with our brilliant Deso ideal cut simulated diamonds, which is guaranteed to captivate her attention. Combined with the unique color palette of white, rose or yellow over sterling silver, our unique metal work and lustrous shine enhances the beauty of each and every piece of jewelry. elry trends, creating our own one-of-a-kind, exclusive styling.

PIARA by Elaine J is about romance represented by trendy colorful semi-precious stones stylishly arranged to tell a love story. PIARA is not only a beautiful sounding Hindi word for Love, it also sounds like the word for “stone” in most Romance languages such as French (pierre),Italian (pietra) and Spanish (piedra). Since every piece of PIARA jewelry is an ensemble of elements coming from both Asia and Europe, PIARA is a name that says it all. The collections of PIARA by Elaine J are simple yet sophisticated and classic; they come in different colors and their versatility of wearing adorns becomingly women of any style, be it chic or smart casual. PIARA by Elaine J is designed to bring out the feminity, elegance, romance and joyfulness in each woman.