The Diamond Family was established in St. Louis, Missouri in 1978. Diamonds and engagement rings have been the cornerstone of our business for decades, that's why we carry an extensive selection of loose diamonds and engagement rings to cater to each style and budget. Choosing a diamond is an important decision, it should also be an educational, interactive, and enjoyable milestone. We welcome you to learn about diamonds in a zero pressure environment, with a personal jeweler who truly cares about your experience. If you are looking for a diamond and/or engagement ring in St. Louis, we promise to exceed your expectations, but please don't take our word for it, we invite to read our reviews so you can see what your town has to say about The Diamond Family.

With only 850 worldwide, we are honored to be St. Louis’ accredited master IJO jeweler. We wouldn’t be known as “The Diamond Family”  if we weren’t the industry’s experts in loose diamonds, engagement rings and wholesale diamond supply!

When the time comes to buy a diamond, we are humbly confident that we are the best, Don’t believe us? See what the public has to say about us on our reviews!  The Diamond family provides an unmatched experience, wholesale diamond prices, top notch GIA , EGL and AGS (add the link) certified diamonds. Additionally, we always treat you like family!!! When you purchase you’re engagement ring from us, you become part of the Diamond family and you can rest assured you will have a lifetime guarantee, financing, and our unmatchable diamond service.  Wether it is Halo cut Diamonds, round cut diamonds, Princess cut diamonds, cushion or canary, The Diamond family is you’re one stop shop for the perfect diamond purchase! Let us prove why we are the best in the diamond business!